Quake Server

Welcome. The "Spaceball-1" Quake server with CTF-ServerMods v3.3.12+ is on default port 26000. To access it, join a game at quake.nctech.ca or type "connect quake.nctech.ca" in your Quake console.

View the current status of our Quake server.
Every 60 seconds, the status page will update with new server/player information.

If you're going to play on my Quake server, then you must already own a registered copy of Quake. Once you have that installed, there are 2 files you're probably going to want. These files are not necessary to connect and play on my server, but they contain settings that will be useful to you. The two files are:

ProQuake for Win32
This is ProQuake for 32-bit Windows. It's a graphics-enhanced engine that looks a little better than original Quake. Released under GNU/GPL.
Spaceball-1 Configuration
This makes your Quake game connect to my server automatically. It also includes some handy settings for Capture The Flag.

Now get on there.
Connect to my server and I hope to see you there. Smiles from Chris.

For advanced users only...

Unless you really know what you're doing, stick to the files above. For those of you running special hardware, or with specific preferences, here are the files for you:

GL-ProQuake for Win32
Running a GL-compatible graphics card? Take advantage of your fancy hardware. Also contains regular ProQuake. NOTE: If you get an error message like: "Can't find GLIDE2X.DLL", you can try renaming (or deleting) the file OpenGL32.DLL from your Quake directory as a possible solution.
ProQuake for Linux
Members of the 'nix club can use this version of ProQuake to play on both ProQuake and standard Quake servers. It is also GNU/GPL and yep, it also supports NAT, even with multiple instances from the same box, even on wednesdays after a rain.
DOS Quake Update
For those of you still running DOS Quake, here is the most recent update to your Quake executable. If you fit into this category, then either: (1) You are extremely behind the times and probably just stubborn, or (2) You have way too much time on your hands and probably a sore neck.